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A Bear in Chicago

Living Life with One Oar in the Water

I grew up as the "baby" of my family in corn fields and woods of central lower Michigan, one of 4 kids of my Dad's, my Mom's only kid. The woods gave me my interests in biology, which led me to my career as a worker bee in the federal bureaucracy. Even though I'm in the middle of the nation's third largest city, I am still the product of a family that has those "small-town" values--treat people right, respect hard work, and respect others unless they give you reason NOT to. Fair treatment is very important to me, and I live both sides of the Golden Rule: do for others what you would like them to do for you, and DON'T do to others what YOU wouldn't want done to you.

I live in a condo in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, with a cat who INSISTS that she's never fed enough (despite a belly that nearly touches the floor) and my partner (non-LJ) Phil. In August 2009, I buried my best buddy of 12 years, Ickus the Miniature Schnauzer, after 7 years of us living with various ailments, including canine diabetes. We recently added two boys to the family: Noah the Boston Terrier and Rogan the Miniature Schnauzer...both are rescues, and it's a joy to get up at 5:30 a.m. again to let dogs outside to "business-ize". My parents and siblings all remain in Michigan, my best friends are now in Wisconsin and Palm Springs and St. Louis. I get lots of time to enjoy puttzing with the 'puter, getting out into the woods, reading up on my Civil War interests, and cooking. I am also now enjoying a 2002 Harley-Davidson 1200 Custom Sportster. I do NOT get off on pretentious, pompous people, people who always take but never give, or those who feed the egos of the preceding--so don't bring it to me if you don't want me to kick you in your ass.

I'm here to express myself, to live vicariously through YOU, and maybe find someone to be buddies or more. Be honest with me about who you are and what you're looking for.

I'm mostly a bottom bear, but can enjoy being top *IF* I have enough advanced notice to "prime the plumbing". Cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoker. Looking for travel partners/play partners on the road and in campgrounds in the Midwest and Middle-Atlantic and Southeast; I have a travel trailer. As of 12/21/2009, I'm HIV-neg/STD-neg. I've played well with others, including three-ways and more-ways.

And I guess that I'd better add that this journal may include material that is gay and sexual in nature (in more ways than one)...so if you are not an adult or if such stuff isn't acceptable in the place where you live, you should go no further! Most of the material people would consider sexually-explicit at this time is behind a filter, so please let me know if you'd like to be included for those filtered posts and content.

This journal is "friends-only". Please comment on a visible entry if you'd like me to add you.